Long-term Timelapse

Long-term Timelapse

  • Client: PJA
  • Term: Long-term timelapse
  • Location: Llanwern, Wales
  • Subject: Installation of pump

Time-lapse is often used in construction sites to document the progress of a project, showcase the skills and coordination of the workers, and create a stunning visual representation of the transformation of the site which can be better appreciated than individual photos and video shoot.


To create a successful construction and building development long term timelapse, we consider several factors, such as: direction of the subject in relation to sunrise and sunset throughout the year, power source, shooting interval, data usage, mast options and location, duration and more.

Case Study

Install a timelapse system to cover the drilling and construction of a shaft and large pump.

  • IP66 weatherproofed housing
  • Nikon DLSR with sigma wide angle lens
  • Totally off-grid 4G sim and solar power
  • Additional 12V power for winter periods
  • Installation on portable trailer mast

Control Panel

All photos that are uploaded over the 4G network can be viewed and downloaded via the control panel which also allows our clients to

  • Zoom in and out
  • Compare two photos over two separate dates, eg between current photo and first photo
  • Create a quick timelapse video
  • Check weather, share photos…