Short Term Time-lapse

Short Term Time-lapse

  • Client: IBI Group
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Coventry
  • Requirement: Shot Term Time-lapse video

Aeroviews was contacted but the IBI Group to carry out a short-term time-lapse project on the A46 in Coventry. Two weekends, of continuous 24hr time-lapse photography in the heart of winter, including one very stormy Saturday evening.

Project Overview

The subject of the time-lapse photography was the lifting and placement of several beams for the construction of the new fly-over on the A46. The works would be done whilst roads were closed over the weekend and into the night. This required our trailer mast, easily dispatched and located with no foundation works required, and two additional 12V batteries to provide power due to very short daylight due to the winter and continuous photography and upload through the night.

Assessment and Equipment

We carried out an on-site assessment to see if ground conditions would allow the placement of the equipment and whether the best views possible would be viable according to the light conditions, sunset, sunrise, movement of machinery etc

  • Nikon DSLR camera
  • Our specialised Timelapse housing unit, with solar panel, installed on our trailer 8m mast
  • Two 12V batteries were also added as the project consisted of photos every 5mins, throughout the day and night, with very little sun and daylight
  • The client and all involved had 24hr access to view photographs and hence the work being carried out.

Reliable & Experienced

The first weekend coincided on probably the wettest and windiest day of the year. Despite that, our mast held well and 95% of the images could be stabilised in post-production. However, heavy rainfall on a very gusty night didn’t provide us any favours.

  • Stable off-grid installation .
  • 4G stable connection for all photo uploads
  • Trailer mast for flexible installation and relocations
  • Advanced photo and video editing and final video production