360 Videos

360 Videos

360 Videos

360 videos are a type of video recording where the cameras are recording the entire spherical panorama. 360 aerial videos are created by drones carrying 360 cameras.


Virtual Reality: If you offer a service that could be defined as an ‘experience’, such as guided tours at a certain destination or natural wonder, then creating beautiful, high-definition 360-degree videos of those tours can provide a virtual reality experience.

Business Growth: Google reports that 360-degree videos can increase the chances of viewers taking action by 41% when compared to standard ads. This makes them a powerful tool for marketing and advertising.

Social Media Content: 360 videos can take your social media content to the next level. They provide a unique viewing experience by allowing users to explore a scene from various angles, creating a sense of immersion as if they were actually present.

This is particularly popular for travel, hiking, and biking vlogs, action videography, simulation videos, entertainment, and commercial use.

Education and Training: 360-degree videos can be used in education and training to provide a more engaging and interactive learning experience. For example, they can be used for virtual field trips, immersive simulations, or hands-on training scenarios.

Construction and Development: large development sites can benefit in all manners of ways with 360 drone videos and the viewer can swivel round as he/she pleases to view the area required.