Periodic Drone Surveys

Periodic Drone Surveys

Periodic drone surveys are all about conducting routine aerial assessments of a construction site, generally on a monthly basis, but other frequencies are often also requested. It’s like having a high-tech bird that frequently perches above your site, keeping a watchful eye on operations. With this rich flow of visual data in real-time, drone surveys act as an early warning system, spotting issues in the bud before they grow into serious challenges. It’s about going from reactive problem-solving to proactive management. Imagine construction managers making crucial decisions based on this insightful data, leading to enhanced productivity and minimized risk. Sounds like a game-changer, right?

The Significance of Drone Data in Project Management

Drone data plays an instrumental role in effective project management. It captures a complete visual narrative of the site, serving as an authoritative reference for project managers. This wealth of information empowers managers to gauge project progress, pinpoint variances from the planned timeline, and tweak workflows in real-time. It introduces a continual feedback cycle, fueling proactive measures that help avoid costly setbacks and delays. Ultimately, this promotes increased client satisfaction. Utilizing drone data for project management creates an environment of precision, responsiveness, and adaptability, essential ingredients for successful construction projects.

Drone Surveys and Legal Compliance

They’re not merely gadgets capturing striking visuals of your construction site, but potent tools providing a comprehensive record of your project’s compliance with legal stipulations. This data-rich evidence, constantly updated, can be a lifeline in preventing unforeseen legal complications. Drone surveys are thus more than a technology add-on; they’re your allies in maintaining the delicate balance between productivity and regulatory compliance.

The process

After contacting us with your requirements, location, boundaries, frequency, types of deliverables, we assess the area, check for obstacles, carry out an initial risk assessment to provide you with a quote. We then schedule a date, once the client informs us of viable dates, meeting dates, key dates etc. Contact us for more info.