Drone Filming | Aerial Filming

Drone Filming | Aerial Filming

Drones make aerial filming approachable and can also be advantageous: Practical and agile, drones are a lot quicker to set up, and more flexible than cranes and can capture scenes a lot lower and closer than helicopters can.

They get into those spaces that before were impossible to get to, adding that extra dimension to the production which helps draw the viewer into the footage. Drones are even changing the way Directors work and see filming so much is their influence today in television.

Drones for Aerial Filming

In the area of construction and infrastructure, drone filming is a way to cover the development over time for a historical video document of the changes, for project management and also for promotional content for sales of the completed project.

Our equipment includes a drone operation remote control but also a seperate camera remote control and extra monitors to be able to see exactly what the camera is recording. Our system works smoothly and can capture exactly what the footage needs. We can capture RAW video footage which is ideal for capturing high quality 4K – 5.2K video that can be edited and produced to closely match cameras of extremely high budget movies.

Once we have captured all the footage required for our clients be it photographs or video, we proceed to pass all data to our workstations where we choose the best footage and then continue to edit, improving highlights, shadows, white balance etc… For that we use specialised photographic and video software. Finally we export the final edit and deliver to our client. It is advised that when you contact us regarding your project you inform us the format you require the final product. Feel free to ask our advise if you are unsure.


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